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    Spice Girls Discography, 3 Albums


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    Spice Girls Discography, 3 Albums

    Post by micky1st on Tue 16 Jun 2009, 02:00

    Girls were the first major British pop music phenomenon of the mid-'90s
    to not have a debt to independent pop/rock. Instead, the all-female
    quintet derived from the dance-pop tradition that made Take That the
    most popular British group of the early '90s, but there was one crucial
    difference. Spice Girls use dance-pop as a musical base, but they
    infused the music with a fiercely independent, feminist stance that was
    equal parts Madonna, post-riot grrrl alternative rock feminism, and a
    co-opting of the good-times-all-the-time stance of England's new lad
    culture. Their proud, all-girl image and catchy dance-pop appealed to
    younger listeners, while their colorful, sexy personalities and sense
    of humor appealed to older music fans, making Spice Girls a
    cross-generational success. The group also became chart-toppers
    throughout Europe in 1996, before concentrating in America in early

    Every member of Spice Girls was given a specific
    identity by the British press from the outset, and each label was as
    much an extension of their own personality as it was a marketing tool,
    since each name derived from their debut single and video, "Wannabe."
    Geri Estelle Halliwell was the "sexy Spice"; Melanie Janine Brown was
    the "scary Spice"; Victoria Adams was "the posh Spice"; Melanie Jayne
    Chisholm was "the sporty Spice"; Emma Lee Bunton was "the baby Spice."
    Each one of these personas were exploited in the group's press articles
    and videos, which helped send "Wannabe" to the top of the charts upon
    its summer release in 1996. If all of the invented personalities makes
    Spice Girls seem manufactured, that's because they are to a certain
    extent. Every member of the group was active in England's theatrical,
    film, and modeling circuit, and they all responded to an advertisement
    requesting five "lively girls" for a musical group in the summer of
    1993. The manager who placed the ad chose all five members of Spice
    Girls, yet the women rejected his plans for their career and set out on
    their own two months after forming. For the next two years, the Girls
    fought to get a record contract, since most record labels insisted that
    the band pick one member as a clear leader, which is something the
    group refused.

    Eventually, Spice Girls signed a contract to
    Virgin Records, but they were without a manager, which made recording a
    debut album nearly impossible. All five members moved into a house and
    went on the dole as they searched for a manager. By the end of 1995,
    the group had signed with Annie Lennox's manager Simon Fuller, and
    began writing songs with Elliot Kennedy. "Wannabe," Spice Girls' first
    single, was released in the summer of 1996, and it became the first
    debut single by an all-female band to enter the charts at number one in
    England. It remained at number one for seven weeks, and by the end of
    the year, "Wannabe" had hit number one in 21 other countries.
    Immediately following the success of "Wannabe," Spice Girls became
    media icons in Britain as stories of their encounters with other
    celebrities became fodder for numerous tabloids, as did nude photos of
    Halliwell that she posed for earlier in her career. All of this added
    to the group's momentum, and their second single, "Say You'll Be
    There," entered the charts at number one in the fall, selling 200,000
    copies a week. Spice, their debut album, was released at the end of the
    year, accompanied by their first ballad, "2 Become 1." Both the album
    and single went directly to number one, staying there for several
    weeks; both records were at number one over the Christmas week, making
    Spice Girls one of three artists to achieve that feat.

    topped the charts in virtually every other country in the Western
    world, Spice Girls concentrated on America in early 1997, releasing
    "Wannabe" in January and Spice in February.

    They became
    massive stars in the U.S. as well, also scoring the hits "Say You'll Be
    There" and "2 Become 1"; Spiceworld, their second LP, appeared later in
    the year in conjunction with their feature film of the same name. In
    May 1998, Geri Halliwell departed from the band, not citing major
    reasons for leaving the group. She did release a solo album,
    Schizophonic, a year later, but nothing chart-topping to match the
    success of her former band. Still not deterred by the absence of Ginger
    Spice, Spice Girls trudged on -- Melanie B. married Spice Girls dancer
    Jimmy Gulzar and released the solo single, a duet with Missy
    "Misdemeanor" Elliot called "I Want You Back." By Christmas, Spice
    Girls scored a number one hit with Goodbye and with a career floating
    high, their personal lives were moving as well. Melanie B. gave birth
    to a daughter named Phoenix Chi in February 1999, and Adams followed a
    month later with a son, Brooklyn Joseph. And now only known as Victoria
    Beckham, Posh Spice married Manchester United soccer star David Beckham
    later that summer. Becoming now more noticeable for their social status
    than their singing, Spice Girls took a well-deserved break while
    Melanie C. took over the English charts with her

    solo effort Northern Star, which was released in the U.S. in fall 1999.
    The following year, the girls headed back into the studio with
    high-profile producers Rodney Jerkins, Terry Lewis, and Jimmy Jam
    (Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige) to record a follow-up to their
    pop-friendly Spiceworld.

    In the middle of recording, Melanie
    B. divorced Gulzar and endured a bitter custody battle throughout the
    remainder of 2000. Spice Girls' creative power overruled media scrutiny
    so that they could fully focus on the new R&B sound they were
    trying for and a the new collaboration united the foursome once again
    to release the third album Forever, which hit American shores in fall

    The group began to splinter not long after the release
    of Forever, which made little impact outside of the UK where it only
    had one hit single - the chart-topping double-sided single
    "Holler"/"Let Love Lead the Way" - before the Spice Girls stopped
    promoting the album. Just three months after the album's November 2000
    release, the band announced that they were separating in February of

    Over the next few years, the Spice Girls may not have
    existed as a group but they were never out of various taboild headlines
    in the UK and the US. As the wife of football superstar David Beckham,
    Victoria got the most attention, but Mel B wasn't far behind thanks to
    her ill-fated romance with actor Eddie Murphy which resulted in an
    out-of-wedlock child. Mel Chisholm had a steady career as a pop singer
    while Emma Bunton had some chart success of her own with her 2001 album
    A Girl Like Me and its 2004 successor, Free Me. Meanwhile, Geri
    Halliwell split her time between recording and TV projects.

    years of persistent rumors of a reunion - peaking heavily yet never
    materializing for Bob Geldolf's 2005 charity event Live 8 -- the Spice
    Girls announced in June 2007 that they would be reuniting for an
    eleven-concert tour beginning that December, which would be accompanied
    by a new greatest hits album and documentary. Stephen Thomas Erlewine,
    All Music


    Spice 1996


    1. Wannabe - 2:52
    2. Say You'll Be There - 3:56
    3. 2 Become 1 - 4:00
    4. Love Thing - 3:37
    5. Last Time Lover - 4:11
    6. Mama - 5:03
    7. Who Do You Think You Are - 3:59
    8. Something Kinda Funny - 4:02
    9. Naked - 4:26
    10. If U Can't Dance - 3:50

    Download Spcie

    Click Here


    Spice world 1998


    1. Spice Up Your Life - 2:52
    2. Stop - 3:24
    3. Too Much - 4:31
    4. Saturday Night Divas - 4:25
    5. Never Give Up On The Good Times - 4:30
    6. Move Over - 2:46
    7. Do It - 4:04
    8. Denying - 3:46
    9. Viva Forever - 5:09
    10. The Lady Is A Vamp - 3:09

    Download Spice World

    Click Here


    Forever Spice 2000


    1. Holler - 4:15
    2. Tell Me Why - 4:13
    3. Let Love Lead The Way - 4:57
    4. Right Back At Ya - 4:09
    5. Get Down With Me - 3:45
    6. Wasting My Time - 4:13
    7. Weekend Love - 4:04
    8. Time Goes By - 4:51
    9. If You Wanna Have Some Fun - 5:25
    10. Oxygen - 4:55
    11. Goodbye - 4:35

    Download Forever

    Click Here


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